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H2O Farming is a IOT Platform for Citizens and for the Cities ... Here you will reach a source of fresh food with a high concern to leave the smaller footprints on Earth (CO2, warming, floods). The World is Social, and H2O Farming delivers that. See who have the same mindset and who want's to participate on this movement. With a high social functionality, H2O Farming let you know wich Cities and wich Citizens are nearby so that you can interact with them.
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Domatica – Global Solutions S.A. is a Portuguese company, founded in September 2002, is a technology innovation company specialized in engineering solutions over a wide range of applications. Domatica is the creator and the proprietary of the iDomFramework, a robust and practical platform that narrows the distance between the physical and software worlds. Domatica is a privately held venture-backed company with activities in several countries such as Portugal, Brazil, Mexico, France, UK, Germany and Emirates and has a highly qualified team of different backgrounds.
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