What is Pin a Thing?

Pin a Thing is a web platform that aims to give life to the city with QR codes.

How does it work?

When you see a QR code in an object of the city (a monument, building, graffiti) approach your smartphone and scan the QR code. You will immediatelty get acess to more information about it such as historical information, photos, contact details and you can even share it with your friends.

How can i interact with the pins?

You can rate the pins and write comments on them. Every pin will have a rating so when you are selecting a pin to add to your trip you can choose the ones that have the highest rating score.

How can i plan my trip?

You can plan several trips and choose your favourite pins that you want to see in the location that you are going. You will also be able to share this trip with your friends and they can edit it and add pins.

Can i follow other users?

Yes. You can follow your friends as well as users of your favourites categories.