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M2M Gateway

M2M Gateway, by Domática
Domatica – Global Solutions S.A. is a Portuguese company, founded in September 2002, is a technology innovation company specialized in engineering solutions over a wide range of applications. Domatica is the creator and the proprietary of the iDomFramework, a robust and practical platform that narrows the distance between the physical and software worlds. Domatica is a privately held venture-backed company with activities in several countries such as Portugal, Brazil, Mexico, France, UK, Germany and Emirates and has a highly qualified team of different backgrounds.
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Domatica’s M2M Gateway is the ultimate industrial IoT gateway, it narrows the distance between the physical and the logical world, easing real-time monitoring and control applications. It also empowers programming through the cloud, but keeping processing local, removing load from your servers with the next generation IoT architecture, the fog computing.

Moreover, because of its dynamic datapipe, which adjusts traffic to demands, is able to ensure remote real-time data acquisition with very low latency and very little data consumption.

Besides the embedded I/O capability, it allows creating a network of devices, either by adding Domatica I/O Controllers or third-party modules using standard protocols.

Is suitable for Industrial Automation, Distributed Control Systems (DCS), Building Management Systems (BMS), Energy Management Systems (EMS), Home Automation (HA), other general monitoring/control solutions and M2M/IoT applications.


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M2M Gateway
M2M Gateway
M2M Gateway
M2M Gateway

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